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I'm Elliott Wilson, a seasoned digital health strategist with a knack for bringing innovative solutions to the ever-evolving healthcare landscape. With over 20 years of practical healthcare and technology experience, I offer a wealth of expertise in strategic thinking, project management, and business case analysis to the digital health industry. My passion lies in optimizing patient experiences, driving digital health transformation, and helping organizations thrive in a rapidly changing industry. With a unique blend of professionalism, candor, and wit, I approach each project with a fresh perspective, aiming to make a lasting impact. Let's collaborate and navigate the exciting world of digital health together!

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Why Flying Pigs?

Seemingly forever ago, in high school, I fell in love with a particular school and its exceptional theatre program, but a hefty tuition bill stood in my way. Enter the academic scholarship program—a glimmer of hope. All requirements met, except one: I still had to sit for the dreaded SATs. Self doubt flooded my mind, so I turned to my mother for solace. Though she attempted to ignite my determination, she merely received my exasperated exclamation, "When Pigs Fly!".


Fast forward to test day. I conquered the exam; the self doubt proved to be needless. The pigs, it seemed, had sprouted wings and I received a full academic scholarship to my dream school. The experience stuck with me, as did those pigs! Now, every birthday, my mother gifts me a ceramic flying pig—a whimsical reminder of defying expectations (and listening to her advice!).

And that's how Flying Pig Consulting came to be. We're here to turn your dreams into reality. Because when pigs fly, extraordinary things happen.


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

(678) PIGS FLY

(678) 744-7359

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